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Painted Finish Disclaimer

This information is provided for Dealer use in educating their client in the selling process. It is the Dealer’s responsibility to make sure the client understands Harbor Distributor’s standing on Painted Finishes.

Painted cabinetry is a very desirable finish in the cabinet industry. Harbor Distributors offers a high quality painted finish on select cabinetry. We take extra care and precaution in the packaging and shipping and handling of the finished product.

Painted finishes have a number of inherent characteristics that can present unique challenges. Because a painted finish is so smooth, imperfections are magnified. The smallest imperfection will stand out on a painted finish that would normally go unnoticed on a stained finish.

Because of these inherent characteristics, Harbor Distributors will not be responsible for any problems related to or caused by painted finishes. Painted finishes are NOT GUARANTEED against cracking, chipping or peeling, unless it is a manufacturer’s defect.

* Agree to Above Disclaimer
I have carefully read, and completely understand, the above disclaimer of responsibility, and agree that HDI Cabinetry is not responsible for any defects, consequent expenses, nor inconveniences I or my client may experience as a result of buying painted cabinetry from HDI Cabinetry.

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If yes, please submit a copy of your tax resale certificate (DR-13). Make it out to Harbor Distributors, Inc. You can upload it to our website, email it to, or fax it to 727.539.1531.

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For security purposes, f you will pay for your orders with checks, we will need the check signer's driver's license number and a copy of the license. Since we accept checks by fax/email, we require this in order to prove identity of the check writer. If you will be paying for your orders with a credit card, you can skip this step by typing "Credit Card Payments" in the box above.

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The above information is herewith submitted for the purpose of establishing rapport with HDI Cabinetry. I do hereby certify this information to be true. I agree to HDI Cabinetry credit terms of cash in advance with a 1.5% finance charge per month assessed on all past due balances. The buyer understands that their orders may be put on hold until resolution of over due payment. By typing your name in the box above, you are agreeing to the these terms and are committed to follow the protocols and procedures set forth by HDI Cabinetry.

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